Take Up Space in Your Busy Life – A Fun and Free 7 Day Challenge begins June 20th

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shutterstock_279026699If you don’t choose how you spend your time, someone else will spend it for you. -Unknown

Join us for this fun and free challenge starting June 20th that will take 5 minutes or less and will easily integrate into the course of your daily activities.

Why Take Up Space? It is easy to be lulled into waiting for the elusive right time to pursue your boldest desires or simply nurture yourself. But the truth is that the only perfect life phase for living fully into who we are starts today. If you are feeling squeezed out of your own life, then join us for this fun and free challenge to intentionally take up a little more space in your own life. It will take 5 minutes or less of your day! 

When is the right time to express who you are in your own life?  

I was chatting with a friend recently who shared that she never had time to pursue her art, bemoaning her endless to-do list and all the obligations pulling at her.

I think most of us have experienced her frustration. Life, after all, is busy. Often incredibly so. Daily work, family, volunteering and other commitments can make days and (gulp) years pass quickly, leaving little time for long-dormant personal passions and dreams. This is a familiar mantra for my peers: women with kids/teens still at home and often also running a business or working in a corporate setting. This was different though. My friend’s struggle gave me significant pause because she was in her late 60’s and has been an empty nester for quite some time. Wow…the busyness really never ends, was my immediate response.

What’s the structure of the challenge? 

Research and our anecdotal experience show that sticking with anything new is easiest when it is fun, almost effortless, and broken into small, micro steps.

This challenge will take 5 minutes or less of your time and is meant to be integrated into your daily routine. Each morning you will receive the day’s challenge via email. We will also add you to a private Facebook group so that you can share in the fun with others also completing the challenge.  If you are ready to take up a little more space in your own life, sign up here: