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How to Rock Your Life

“When you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen.” -Emerson.

Put yourself out there even a little and you may become a rock star …sometimes literally.

Yesterday this popped up in my feed and it made my day.

Two of the singers in this folk/country rock band are Reclaim Your Dreams workshop participants.) Nicole, third from the left, came to a workshop to explore her dreams and design her next move. Nicole is a polymath so her interests and skills were varied from intellectual to creative….always so hard to choose. Almost as an afterthought she shared during one “no limits” exercise that she had jotted down how she would love to sing more publicly …never performed but she sang for us when we asked.

Boy. Did she have chops. The weekly assignment for group was to set up a date to be the person living one of your dreams…An aspiring writer might go to a cafe and write for an hour. Someone considering starting a biz might brainstorm ideas. So why wouldn’t a rockstar sing?!

I connected Nicole with the talented Teresa who was the lead singer for Suppertime, a Reclaimer and a polymath too…and guess what? Teresa’s band happened to be looking for another singer. A few jam sessions later and …here they are.

Follow your heart’s desire, be honest about who you are – even a little if you are scared and “coincidences” like this will happen. Rock your Life.

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