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One Reason You Don’t Have Clarity on Your Goals


CreativeCommons: BRTeaA firm has been helping me with a new product that I am working on. They are incredible in many ways…but completion is taking much longer than expected. Much, much longer. When they shot a few product photos for me, I realized what the problem was.

They never asked me what I wanted. 

Rather than taking the time (in this case just a few minutes) to ask me a few questions to understand what I needed and wanted, they did what was standard..defaulted to what they usually do.

Hmmmm…. Sounds familiar. I don’t know about you, but I still do this sometimes in my own life. Although understanding what you or I want our lives to be about is a bit more complicated than a photo shoot, the concept is the same. Often we go through our days without taking the time to step back and ask ourselves the big questions.

People – especially busy people – don’t have clarity on their life direction because they haven’t taken the time to ask themselves what matters most, what they really want their life to be about, and then made decisions based on that.

The moral of the story, if you want clarity about your dreams, start by taking the time to intentionally asking yourself what YOU really want. Not what is expected of you or others think you should do or is appropriate for your age or prestigious or easy…but what you really want. And then, act accordingly.

Take 5

If you don’t have clarity on your dreams, here’s a good place to start. Today, take a few minutes to brainstorm a list of what really matters to you….people, issues, causes, and values. Let me know what you came up with in the comments.

If you want an approachable way to ask yourself the big questions, here is a self-reflection road map to help you intentionally reclaim your dreams (and your life), check out the Reclaim Your Dreams Workbook for Busy Women available on Amazon.

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How to Start Fresh

Start freshI received a thank you note from an early adopter of the Reclaim Your Dreams movement.  Here is part of what she said,

Your enthusiasm, encouragement, and ideas have helped me in setting out on my new adventure…Often when I am strategizing about my new gig, I remind myself that I can start fresh… It was your suggestion to step back and consider what I would want to do if there were no constraints… I am not there yet, but I know this is a stepping stone. I’ve never let myself take the long view of my career. Scary, but so good.

Sometimes, we forget that we can start fresh – pursue a bold dream, scratch one book idea and start another, launch a brand new company, commit to a project that we believe in, make something right when we mess up, build new and deep friendships, create a new family of choice. But we can. It is a choice. It may not be easy, what’s your alternative? Beginning anew starts the moment we decide it does.

No matter where you are in your journey, a new beginning is just a question away. Start by listening to yourself – consider what it is you would love to do without constraints. You may be surprised at how clear your answer is.


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