Reclaim Your Dreams: A Half-Day Workshop for Busy Women

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Practical Approach to Discover and Take Action on Bold, Meaningful Goals

“Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at something that doesn’t really matter.” D.R. Moody

When: Saturday, January 30, 2016, 9:00 am to 1 pm

Where: Catherine Paterson Yoga and Healing Arts Studio, 450 Sargent Road, Boxborough

Cost: $85.00

There will be several gentle, accessible YOGA sequences integrated into the day to support and enhance the program!



The Reclaim Your Dreams Workshop is designed to empower you to identify, and take action on your boldest goals and desires – using a real-life, practical approach that fits into your already busy life. 

“I cannot express in words how meaningful this has been… I’m so very grateful that you have created this process. I know this is a life-changing ‘pivot’ point for me!” -RYD participant

During this supportive and inspiring workshop you will intentionally explore and identify what matters to you most and what dreams and passions most reflect who you are…using a gentle, freeing approach.

You may {re}discover lost dreams, become clear on a new goal, more fully embrace a life path or identify core values that you are ready to claim. 

You will leave the workshop with practical tools that will allow you to carry the significance of the day into your “real” life, and take action on the goals that matter most to you.

Details and What’s Included

Topics are covered within an accessible framework and include: creating space, reflecting on what matters most, exploring options, how to decide on a goal or dream, and taking action when your life is busy. 

  • A proven, practical process to help you explore, discover, and take action on your boldest dreams
  • Journaling using insightful and fun prompts
  • Optional sharing and inspirational discussion
  • Gentle yoga sequences (for everyone) to create space and overcome blocks to taking action.
  • Tools and materials to bring the significance of the program back to your daily life in a doable way.
  • Delicious and nutritious snacks 
  • Priceless – the company of other amazing women in a supportive, confidential space
  • Priceless – {re}claiming your dreams and your life

Join us and other women in a supportive, freeing environment and begin to discover and take action on what matters most. 

Those dreams buried in your heart are wondering what you are waiting for. 

The Workshop Leaders

Paula Grieco is an author, entrepreneur, and life/business coach. Her current work is focused on empowering women and girls to live consciously and take action on bold dreams and what matters most, using a real-life, practical approach. Her flagship program Reclaim Your Dreams uses a simple, intentional process to help busy women create extraordinary meaning in their lives and reclaim their dreams and their lives. She is the author of Take 5 for Your Dreams for teen girls and the forthcoming Reclaim Your Dreams: A Workbook for Busy Women.

Cathy Paterson is a certified yoga teacher and ski instructor. She has personally experienced and witnessed in others the many benefits of yoga including an enhanced sense of well-being, increased self-confidence and heightened creativity and concentration. She recently opened a studio in her home and plans to offer yoga and related classes and workshops for all age groups and abilities. She is particularly passionate about sharing the many life-changing benefits of yoga with teen girls and women.    

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The Meeting Space and Schedule


9:00 am Intro to the Program and Personal Intention

9:30 Create Space

  • Yoga Sequence: Creating Space
  • Intro and reflection exercise on Creating Space

10:30 Reflect and Explore What Matters Most

  • Yoga  – Letting Go of our Fears
  • Intro and Reflection and Exploration exercise on What Matters Most

11:30 Decide & Start on a Meaningful Dream

  • Yoga: Honing Our Attention
  •  Deciding and starting: tools for “real” life

12:30-1:00 pm Closing and Next Steps

What participants say about Reclaim Your Dreams:

“I’m blown away…. I’m an avid reader and have devoured a gazillion self-help books over the years. Your work rings true.”

“I cannot express in words how meaningful this has been… I’m so very grateful that you have created this process. I know this is a life-changing ‘pivot’ point for me!”

Reclaim Your Dreams encouraged me to pursue my next life adventure by asking me simple but thought-provoking questions, helping me move beyond my daily life challenges. I was startled and pleased to learn that just verbalizing my dreams and passions could be so empowering.”

“You have helped me reclaim my dreams.”

“So inspiring.”

“I need to thank you! … I just finally feel like I’m doing something I love.”

“I’ve been wanting to do this for quite a while, and this really pushed me into getting going on it. I have much more creative energy. My passions are being rekindled and it has been so exciting (understatement) to explore them within such a simple but elegant framework. Thank you!”

“I love thinking about my day and finally putting MYSELF in it.”

“I liked the live your dream for 30 minutes exercise. I was surprised how much I felt I accomplished towards understanding my dream and really getting my head around the reality of the dream.”

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