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The following programs are available for individuals and groups. Pricing reflects one-to-one version.

“I cannot express in words how meaningful this has been… I know this is a life-changing ‘pivot’ point for me!” -RYD participant

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“Those dreams buried deep within your heart are wondering what you are waiting for.”

Reclaim Your Dreams: A Life-Changing Program for Busy Women. These sessions are designed to empower you to identify, and take action on your boldest goals and desires – using a real-life, practical approach. You will intentionally explore and identify what matters to you most and what dreams and passions most reflect who you are…using a gentle, freeing approach. If you have lost touched with your dreams, have too many dreams to choose from, or are in transition and ready for a new dream, this series is for you. The proven Dream CREDS process will be customized  to meet your needs. Perfect for you in you are in transition, want to be more intentional about your work and life choices, or have a nagging sense that you want more in your life.

What’s included: Four 45-minute one-to-one Skype sessions, Take 5 (minute) exercises to complete between sessions, RYD Workbook materials, regular check-ins, and email/phone access in between too. And the priceless: Dreams reclaimed and a life that reflects who you really are. Total cost is $1500.00.


“A dream without a plan is just a wish.” -Katherine Patterson

Jumpstart Your Dream: A Practical Approach to Living Your Dream. If you have a specific or even a general sense of what your dream is, but aren’t sure how to make it happen, feel overwhelmed or stuck, these sessions are perfect for you. This program is designed to help you gain goal clarity, develop an essential-step road map, and take action to move toward your dream using our proven jumpstart process

You will develop an effective transition strategy, create an essential action plan, and taking micro steps toward turning your dream into a reality. By the end of the sessions, you will have cleared blocks and overwhelm, developed your road map, and moved closer toward your dream using the proven micro step method. Whether you are writing a book, ready for a new career or calling, starting a business or other venture, ready to practice self-care or travel the world, this program will help you turn your wishes in to plans and action in a gentle and freeing way. Includes big picture clarity but also completing nitty-gritty tasks like building a web site quickly. If you are starting a business or blog, by the end of our sessions you will have a web site/blog up and running, identified your target customer and offering, developed your financial transition plan, and personal foundation. The core methodology is customized to meet your needs and goals. This is perfect for you if you desire to start a business, launch a blog, write a book, or pursue a calling or new career. 

What’s included: Four, 45-minute one-to-one Skype sessions, Take 5 (5-15 minute) exercises to complete between sessions, and email and phone access in between too. And the priceless: living your dreams one micro step at a time with freedom and support. Total cost is $1,500.00.


Intentional Career Design that Reflects Who You Are

Reclaim Your Career: An Authentic Career Design Program. Intentionally explore and define your career goals by discovering your bold dreams, while considering your personal and financial needs. Over a period of eight weeks,  you will use a proven five step process to identify, gain clarity, and choose your vocational direction; create a transition strategy and plan; and develop and take action on a road map plan to work toward your identified goals.

What’s Included:  Four 45-minute one-to-one sessions, Take 5 reminders and follow-up actions take place over eight weeks using our micro step process.  Phone and email access in-between sessions. And the priceless a career road map that reflects your purpose and fuels your passions and what is most meaningful to you. Total cost is $1,500.00

Untitled designReclaim Your Life. The program walks you through a series of customized self-care micro steps (or you can use our set, to lay the foundation for living the life you most desire. The women that participate in this program report that they are “living their dreams” already but are burnt out or desire to achieve new goals or dreams, but feel they need to start nurturing themselves too. Life-changing work right here.

What’s Included:  Four 45-minute one-to-one sessions, daily Take 5 reminders and micro steps take place over six weeks using our micro step process.  And the priceless more energy, peace, and enthusiasm to focus on what matters most. Total cost is $1200.00


Customized Just for You. If you want to be
Take-5-Part2_30_outstretchedarmsmore intentional about your life, but aren’t sure where to begin, custom sessions are the right choice. Before the session, we will have a phone call discussion so that we can decide on goals for our work together. Often one session can help you move forward, past overwhelm. This is also where to sign up if we have spoken and I developed a custom program for you.


Book Group and Other Gatherings: If your book group, yoga class, or other gathering is interested in a sessions (one hour and up), then please contact me directly at Sessions offered include: Reclaim Your Dreams, Parenting Your Child to Embrace Dreaming Big from the Start, and Reclaim Your Life.

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