Kick-Start Your Dream Program

Custom-made for Reclaim Your Dreams members that are ready (or want to be ready) to pull up anchor and launch their dreams, one gentle, micro action at a time.

Please do not share this page as it is being released only to those invited to the beta program.woman boat shutter stock

Who: This program is designed for Reclaimers that are ready to implement their own business or dream project and want to walk through the process with other amazing women that are on a similar journey.

Most will be starting their own business and may or may not be employed full-time currently. (Others may be creating a platform for a venture such as writing a book).

Goal: A business (or project) ready to press “publish” when you are.

By the end of the program, you will have identified your target customer, solidified your business idea, gained clarity on your why, defined your first product, built a basic web site (that times about 30 minutes and I will walk you through it), and developed a launch plan. Notably, your plan also incorporates foundational elements such as self-care and financial preparedness to ensure your success. 

Priceless:  Freedom and independence.  Plus an amazing community of support that will be with you every step of the way.

Pre-requisite: Completion of the Reclaim Your Dreams program unless otherwise agreed.

Time Investment: 12 week program that will require 1-2.5 hours a week. The program incorporates extra time so that you will have plenty of space to enjoy holidays.

Most of that time will be self-study (action). There will be one face-to-face kick off meeting, bi-weekly 15-30 minute check in calls, and OPTIONAL meet ups.  These will be organized around participants’ schedules.

Participants will be asked to provide feedback on the program including its effectiveness and areas needed to improve. And also be willing to provide a testimonial if the program meets (and hopefully exceeds) your expectations. Time is precious this will be done using brief surveys or verbally if preferred

For the one-time beta phase, there is no monetary cost for the program instruction. (Other costs such as building a web site, business cards, etc. should be minimal, but will be based on your individual needs and requirements. RYD will walk you through the process, recommend vendors, etc.. but not act as an intermediary for this.) 

Start date: First week of November with completion by end of February. There will be plenty of space built in for holidays.

Deadline: If you are “in”, send me an email as soon as you can but no later than October 26th.

This is a beta program with very limited spots available.


Do I need to know exactly what my business idea is?

No, you don’t need absolute clarity on your business idea to join as we will cover that in the program. However, you do need to be ready to plan and take action on a business/project and have gained some clarity through RYD about what really matters to you. Most participants will have some general sense of type of business as well.

Not sure of my exact business launch date, is that okay? 

Yes, part of the process is identifying your self-care foundations including timeline, financial preparedness, and health/wellness. Your launch date will be based on those boundaries in addition to your business requirements.

You should be clear that you want to start a business or project and have gained some clarity through RYD about what really matters to you including a general category of business.

Will I need to quit my day job?

Absolutely not. The program includes foundational work to ensure you are taking care of yourself including the best timing to leave your current job if so desired.

Not sure if I have enough time for this. Can I skip assignments if needed?

I will do my best to create a schedule that meets the needs of the busy women who will be attending – some of whom work full-time outside the home. Like the RYD program, Kickstart is designed in bite-sized chunks (even smaller than RYD).  Plans and life tend not to be perfectly linear. That being said, although unforeseen circumstances arise, participants should be willing to make this a priority and commit to making this happen. If you need to talk this through, let me know.

Other questions to see if you are a good fit, call me at 508.494.8833 or

Quick, partial list of my experience in launching new businesses and projects:

  • Former tech exec with track record in business launch and early to mid-phase growth.
  • Successfully transitioned to self-employment 15 years ago.
  • Built a life-style software and business strategy consulting firm to seven figures while greeting my kids off the bus most days. Many early stage small and large corporate clients launching new product/units.
  • Launched a personal passion project and published a book (Amazon top seller in teen category for two years) focused on girl empowerment.
  • Launched a new for-purpose business in 2015 to empower busy women and girls to {re}claim their dreams.