Girl-Power Give Back Projects

imagesA fundamental part of my work is ensuring that girls and women are given the tools and opportunity to live to their fullest potential.

To that end, our work together benefits women and girls in the United States and around the world in the following ways through financial donations and entrepreneurial ventures. Current projects include:


  1. 10 percent of net proceeds for every service and program will be donated to programs that empower women and girls in the United States and around the world. Everyone deserves an opportunity.
  2. The Brave Core project creates personal development and economic empowerment products and programs for women and girls. In 2017, we created a pilot program using coaching and empowerment methodologies to provide teen girls with the tools and role models to see a bigger vision for themselves, with particular focus on economic and career empowerment. You can be what you can see!
  3. The Girl Athlete is a social enterprise launching in 2018. We empower female athletes of all ages and abilities to achieve authentic success in sports and in life by providing the best, most current resources to help female athletes of all ages and abilities stay strong, healthy, and happy in sports and in life. 



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