The Brave Core

You can be what you can see. -adapted from Marian Wright Edelman

The Brave Core is an expression of my personal commitment to and deep passion for understanding and empowering the next generation of women.


The Brave Core creates personal development and economic empowerment products and programs for women and girls. In 2017, we created a pilot program using coaching and empowerment methodologies to provide teen girls with the tools and role models to see a bigger vision for themselves, with particular focus on economic and career empowerment. This program was an outgrowth of flagship research project to understand and document the stories of adolescent girls from ages 13-24 from a wide diversity of backgrounds. Programs and books developed as outgrowth of research include: career and personal life design programs; Amazon best-selling book for teens, Take 5 for Your Dreams; Reclaim Your Dreams workbook and program for women; advocacy social media platform to empower teen girls, and partnerships with leading organizations in the girl empowerment space.

The Media Project

We interview girls and young women across the United States to understand the state of girlhood. We’ve met with teens in community centers in the most crime-ridden areas of the country, skyped with young women as they began their college journeys, listened to them by phone in the evenings, and chatted with them in their places of worship. In addition to these qualitative interviews, we’ve studied the research and consulted experts on girls and women issues.

Among the primary themes and desires of young women culled from interviews is a desire to develop a courageous character, reach their potential, and accept others/be accepted as they

are. To this end, we developed a pilot workshop program (launched in 2016) to provide teen girls with the tools and role models to begin intentionally developing life skills, information, and role models needed to make life choices that reflect what’s most important to them.

The Brave Core Workshop and Coaching Program

The Brave Core program is designed to empower girls and young women as they navigate their life journey to adulthood. Through a series of group workshops, the program supports and facilitates participants through a process of personal reflection, practical life skill investigation, and also introduces the life-changing power of career and educational opportunities through introduction to role models who have overcome obstacles to obtain success in career and life.

The program was developed based on interviews conducted by the What’s Your Brave project, along with research and writings by experts and academics in positive psychology, girl empowerment, and education.

Components of the program typically include:

  • Take 5 toolbox. Practical skills will include tools for self-regulation such as accessible yoga, meditation, and journaling.
  • Personal reflection and sharing. Through fun exercises, based on the book Take 5 for Your Dreams, participates will reflect on their lives, who they are, and what they want their lives to be about.
  • You can be what you can see. Women who have achieved success, despite challenges, will share their stories and their work. In addition to “live” talks, video and other media of role models will be used.
  • One brave action.
  • Closing circle with inspirational quotes

Phase 2 of the program will include 1:1 coaching sessions.


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