Dream Crasher #1 – Feeling a Little Lost

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Dream Crasher #1: Feeling a Little Lost is the first in a series with practical tools for getting past the obstacles holding you back from pursuing big, meaningful goals

“I am not even sure what my dreams are anymore.”

Whether this sounds like you or you are just ready to be more intentional about your goals, get your copy of the powerful, easy (and free) exercise from the Reclaim Your Dreams program, by clicking on the link below.

Feeling a little lost about what their dreams are is one common theme I hear from the women I work with. Most are moms. Many have achieved significant success in their careers; others stay-at-home or work part-time. A vast majority are politically active. They all desire to do more with their work and life, but feel out-of-touch with where to begin or even what they want. The good news is figuring this out doesn’t require a major evacuation project, but is typically only a few questions away. Get started with this powerful and fun Clean Slate exercise.