On Dream Crashers – Giving Up Before You Start

It’s always scariest before you take the first step.

Making a career shift, starting a business, or re-entering the work force after a break is a daunting task. I’ve made some major smart (and lucky) moves and also made several pretty rookie mistakes (even when I was long past the newbie phase). You can probably learn the most from my dumb choices – I did.

Here’s one thing I see over and over with clients and I’ve done it myself too. Fear and overwhelm stopping a goal before it begins. Here’s the thing, before you make that life-changing risky move, there are literally 100’s of steps between where you are today and that major step – most of which aren’t risky at all.

Whether you want to write the next great YA novel, start your own business, head up an NGO or have no clue what you want, there are hundreds of micro steps to take before quitting your day job.

Zero risk involved. ZERO.

…other than allowing yourself to dream and plan and spending as little as 5-15 minutes a day to make it happen.

Try it. Take five minutes today and allow yourself to dream about what your ideal work would look like, what problems you would solve or what you’d love to create. Write it down. Savor it all day and this is important – keep it to yourself – for now. xo


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