When Life is Not for the Fainthearted

I was heading on a family vacation where our biggest stressor was how to bring all the bikes over to the island with limited bike rack slots.

Then my Uncle died, he was ill but sooner than expected.

A friend texted that her dad was in the hospital.

Walking my pooch and a man grabbed his barking dog as we passed – a little too aggressively.

And the tenuous state of our US democracy …well.

I texted back my friend whose dad was in the hospital…

LIFE though, it is not for the fainthearted sometimes. 

She agreed. So what do you do?

You send your family off on vacation and will join them later so you can attend your uncle’s wake, even though you are not sure it will be of comfort to anyone. And then you see another Uncle, who you love so much and you hold hands and chat and wish you saw him more. And you talk to your sister in the parking lot who always has been there for you, literally since the day you were born.

You take the night shift at your dad’s bed side and stay when it turns into a 23 hours.

You make a call to adopt a dog and hug your own pooch a little tighter.

And you send a text to your Senator. And you hope and you pray that freedom wins.

And yes, you walk on the beach and feel grateful for the beauty. And blessed for friends who get it and family who you know are there for you always, and kids, now teens who are your heart.

And you love life anyway…

You don’t do everything and what you do is never enough. But you do something…One thing anyway. Over and over.

And you still you love life anyway …even enough to dream bold dreams when you feel like you may be fainthearted… because you aren’t. At least not today.

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