12 Ways to Take Up Space in Your Busy Life


If you don’t choose how you spend your time, someone else will spend it for you.

Author Unknown

Here are some ideas for taking up space in your own life – with your voice and your time.


  1. Pick one thing. If you are an activist and volunteer contributing to so many activities that you feel ineffective and tired, take a step back and choose one activity or organization that you focus on. That’s your commitment. All other activities are optional. Go here for a simple process to pick your one issue.
  2. Quit meetings for a month. Instead of going to volunteer meetings, try practicing connection and contribution while you go about your daily activities. Live up to your responsibility as a human, but look for those opportunities throughout your ordinary day
  3. Express gratitude for one way you take up space today. It doesn’t matter how big or small it seems; identify one way that you express who you are in your life right now.
  4. Make time for brief moments of solitude. Even just a few minutes during the day can help you connect to yourself rather than being caught up in outside forces.
  5. Ask the Big Questions. Begin consciously considering what you want your life to be about, what your passions are, and what you would regret not pursuing. The answers to these questions should drive how you spend your time.
  6. Quit. If you are too busy to pursue what is most meaningful to you (or to take the time to figure out what that is), something has got to go. Evaluate your current optional commitments; begin by cutting out those that drain you.
  7. Create art. Buy a small journal or notebook just for self-expression. It will be one of the best purchases you will ever make. Spend even one minute a day writing or drawing a picture. No directions required.
  8. Make a Rote Response Card. Sometimes we end up compromising who we are because it is hard to say no. Write down on a small card your response to requests for your time or an opinion you are not prepared to give. Doesn’t have to be eloquent—“Huh, I’ll have to think about that and let you know” works.
  9. Initiate juicy, meaningful conversations in unlikely places. Shake things up…be determined to bring big ideas or something you are passionate about into sidelines conversation or while waiting in line at Starbucks. This is life-changing and I guarantee you will feel empowered and see humans differently when you do this regularly.
  10. Re-connect to a childhood passion. Think about what you loved to do as a kid as it can be a clue to your truest expressions.
  11. Express your uniqueness daily. Create a daily practice of doing or saying something that expresses you without regard to its popularity or commonality. It can be an expression of a core value, as simple as a wardrobe choice, or declining a social engagement that will leave you feeling drained.
  12. Make time to do absolutely nothing. Schedule time with no agenda other than to do whatever you want in that moment.




Take 5

Taking up space is meant to be fun and freeing not a burdensome addition to your to-do list. Start by choosing one of the ideas above or try this favorite of mine: 

Give yourself room to play. Schedule a date with yourself to do something outside of your normal routine that expresses who you are or simply makes you feel a little giddy. Take photos in the city; Pretend you’re a screenwriter and spend the morning jotting down the characters in your movie; Grab a sketchbook and make a graffiti design; Research an EarthWatch expedition; Go for a run in a strange town…or you name it. 

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