On Purpose and Politics

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I wrote this in my private client FB group a while back but it is generally relevant.

A month or so back I posted a blog i about a dream that I had with Hillary In it. I prefaced the blog by saying “this is not a political post.” 

It was not and I meant that. This is a group focused on reclaiming purpose and I wanted to respect the differing political view points of those here. I never hid where I stood, (ha – obviously). One only needed to see my profile picture which was a photo of HRC with the caption “keep calm, I am on my way” for the last year or follow my personal feed to see my passionate support “on my sleeve”. 

But now I see that I made a mistake. Not in respecting others viewpoints, but in silencing my own voice in this forum whose very existence is about purpose – because my own calling down to my bones is inextricably linked to empowerment and social justice for all – and politics, always but particularly this year is core to that in my view. 

Here, where we are focused on what really matters, writing about time
management and micro steps (albeit helpful) on days when my soul was screaming, “let justice reign” was being untrue to my voice and by association the world. 

Many of you know there is a secret Facebook group called Pantsuit Nation with over 3 million members. The men and women coming from every religion, socioeconomic, political party affiliation, race, gender and other demographic imaginable shared countless powerful stories about why they were supporting Hillary Clinton, all based on their personal experiences and a sense of human decency and respect for all.

I have wondered in the last days what the results of the election might have been if people like those in PSN had shared their compassionate, powerful personal stories publicly. (not a judgement as for some it would have been dangerous to do so.)

So what does this mean in real life? Not sure yet but the sobering results of the election have me once again asking the big questions.

If it did you too, don’t go back to business as usual. This is an opportunity to consider your life in the deepest way possible. 

As we are in the last quarter of the year, join me in considering what calls you down to your bones. For the sake of the world’s and your own soul, don’t ignore it. Don’t know what to do. Start today by free writing what comes to mind when you ask that question.

What calls you down to your bones? No judgment just write. #strongertogether #dontletitgo  ❤️❤️❤️❤️