Listen to Your Body. It’s Talking to You.

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Guest post by: Laura Chey-Warren, L.Ac., MOSM


Listen to your body. What is it saying to you?

If there is one piece of advice I could give you to achieve optimum health, it would be to listen to your body.   When I was in my early 20’s, I was deaf to the call.  I was rocking and rolling in the financial world of New York City, trying to climb the corporate ladder and bust through that glass ceiling.   When I felt sick, I took something to cover up the symptoms so I wouldn’t have to skip a beat.   After a few years of this behavior, the colds and flus were turning into allergies and I was getting sick more frequently.  What did I do?  I took more silencers so I didn’t have to slow down my maddening pace. “I’m 24,” I thought.  “I’m invincible.”   Eventually, the symptoms were so jammed up, there was no band-aid big enough to cover what ailed me.

Flash forward to present day.  Having walked this earth for about a half century, I’ve learned to hear what my body is telling me.  For we geezers, it may be wisdom that opens our ears.  Or maybe itsour body screaming louder and more frequently that makes us listen.   Either way, the message is persistent.

The human body is a finely tuned machine that sometimes get mucked up by unhealthy lifestyle choices.  As far as illness goes, there is ALWAYS a sign.  It can be as subtle as a summer breeze, or as loud as a pissed off toddler.  Either way, if you keep yourself open, you will hear it.

  1. Fatigue
  2. Insomnia
  3. Digestion issues
  4. Skin outbreaks
  5. Change in temperature – feeling hotter or colder than usual
  6. Hair loss or change of texture, luster
  7. Frequent illness
  8. Mood swings or change
  9. Excessive thirst or appetite
  10. Aches or pains
  11. Allergies

Seem pretty obvious, right?  How many times do you wake up tired, or poop out during the day, so you indulge in a stimulant like coffee or sugar?  Then you forget about that feeling of malaise for the rest of the day.  Or maybe every time you eat a certain food, you feel bloated.  Reach for Pepto Bismol or tums and again, fuhgedabowdit.  And that nagging feeling in your low back, what’s up with that? A little Advil. Then…amnesia.

Do you see what I’m getting at?  If you start to see a pattern, there may be a problem.  No need to break out the hazmat and call the surgeon, just listen more closely. Adjust your diet, get more sleep, practice mindfulness and use your natural medicine cabinet. You can change the pattern of the imbalances.  Enlist the help of your acupuncturist and/or medical practitioner if the symptoms persist.

Most importantly, listen to what your body is telling you.  And don’t forget to Q-tip your ears!

Take 5

Me: My favorite point of your blog post is, “Your body is a finely tuned machine…As far as illness goes, there is ALWAYS a sign.” For those of us managing a business, family, and more, how do we start becoming more attuned to what our body is telling us in just a few minutes a day? 

Laura: Begin by stopping for a moment during the day, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and scan/feel your body from head to toe and listen to what it’s telling you. You may notice something when you do that. One common example: Perhaps you have been sitting at your computer for some time and notice some back pain or discomfort when you scan, that you hadn’t noticed before. Listen to your body’s cue, stand up and stretch.  

Want to take it further? Try this body scan exercise .


unnamed-5Thanks to my friend and colleague, Laura Chey, Licensed Acupuncturist for sharing her wisdom with us.  Laura is the Director of Balance Acupuncture & Wellness Center,, in East Rochester New York, which she founded with her husband Ric in 1996.  Laura’s goal is to integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine into everyday wellness.   Along with enjoying a busy clinical practice and chasing around her two teenage children, she is currently writing her first book.   If you would like to read more of Laura’s work, visit her blog at

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