Your Regret is Lying to You About Your Dreams

Regret is a merciless teacher.

It lights the way to an authentic present and fulfilling future by reminding us of how devastating it feels to ignore our heart’s longing. It evokes painful images of who we wish we had been and illuminates an agonizing gap for the road not taken. Regret promises to protect us from future mistakes by unsympathetically reminding us of the heartbreak of letting NOT choosing decide for us.

But don’t let it fool you. Its motives are not pure. Regret is also a liar.

Don’t believe it when it whispers in your ear that your life would be perfect if you had followed that other path.

Like an unrequited love, Regret reveals no dirty laundry. It would have you believe that the choice not made is perfectly blissful, without flaw.  It hides the disappointments, failures, and missteps that come with all worthy pursuits. Because, of course, no path is perfect.

Yes, let Regret inform your decisions and instruct you on the freedom of making amends.

Allow it to remind you of how critical it is to act on your deepest desires.

But make sure it doesn’t linger too long because Regret will tighten its hold on you, swearing that it is too late…Until it really is.

Instead, thank it for serving its purpose. And then let it go…so that you can follow the dream that calls you today.

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