Where to Start When You’ve Lost Touch with Your Dreams


woman thinking boat shutterstock“I will start by letting you know that I am so out of touch with what I really want that I have to ask my husband what I like.”

That’s how Shannon an independent, put-together and highly successful 50-something business executive introduced herself during a recent Reclaim Your Dreams program.

Although I haven’t ever heard it put in this jarring way before, her sentiment of feeling disconnected from her personal desires and dreams is a reoccurring theme with many of the women that I have met and worked with over the last six months.

Shannon has impressive credentials – an advanced degree in math (way before females in STEM were cool) and a current executive role in the software sector of the technology industry.

The problem was – it wasn’t her impressive. The hours were long, the environment soul sucking, and here is the part that matters most – she lacked passion for the work. Conscientious and skilled at execution, Shannon did her job well even though it wasn’t meaningful to her.

After too many years of staying in line, she was filled with painful regret and felt out of touch with her heart’s desires. Or so she thought.

As it turned out, her boldest dreams didn’t require major excavation – what lit her up was just a few questions away. All Shannon needed to do was give herself time and permission to….dream….without constraints.

She’s not quitting her day job – yet. But after just a few short weeks, she walked into the last workshop looking lighter and oozing with creativity. She’s started her first gourmet chef class and has bold, ambitious plans for taking action on her dreams to fill the world with ascetic beauty through plants and food.

Now it’s your turn. If you are feeling out of touch with your dreams and truest desires, start by asking yourself the big questions.

And by start, I mean take 5 minutes right now, grab a pen and paper. With zero filter or constraints and no requirement to share with anyone, brainstorm your answers to the following:

With no limits, indulge your dreams. For these next five minutes, don’t worry about obstacles like money or time or your age or any other boundary. For just these few minutes, don’t consider what’s prestigious or practical or doable. 

If you could do anything at all, what would be your biggest, boldest most fulfilling dreams or desires?

Ready go. For just five minutes, write down as many as come to mind. No filtering. No concerns about the how.

There will be plenty of time to get practical, I promise, but when you begin by giving yourself the freedom to dream, you will begin to reconnect with what really matters to you. Share in the comments one of your dreams – I’d love to hear and it will encourage other women to do the same!

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